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            04    Editorial

            05    PubliEditorial

            06    Professor bilíngue X professor de idioma: novo desafio ou nova postura? Texto: Vania Bittencourt

            10    The many shifts in language teaching. Text: Louise Emma Potter

            15    The cognitive benefits of being bilingual: is a bilingual world a better one? Text: Marcos Mendonça

            19    Colégio Móbile: muito além de uma simples história. Texto: Andréia Menezes Lorenzoni

            23    Agenda Webinars

            31    Cantinho do leitor

            34    Future of skills: what do you need to know. Author: Sue Alderman

            36    Forward-looking reflective teaching. Author: Ehsan Gorji

            41    Bilingual: to be or not to be? Understanding the impact of bilingualism in cognition. Author: Alena Cabral Nobre

            43    How bilingual education can boost school-aged children’s academic success. Author: Candy Martinez

            46    What is your view of your students? Author: Henrick Oprea

            50    Atividades para sala de aula

            29                    Project Literacy e Alfaletrar no

                                  combate ao analfabetismo
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